Best Indoor Hockey Rink Tiles In 2022

What are Indoor Hockey Rink Tiles? Field hockey has an indoor equivalent called indoor hockey. Two teams battle to use hockey sticks to move a hard ball into the other side’s goal, similar to the outdoor game.

Compared to field hockey, indoor hockey is played between smaller teams on a smaller field. The sidelines are substituted with solid boundaries from which the ball bounces back and continues to play.

Outside field hockey players typically play it leisurely during the off-season or when the weather is unfavorable for outdoor play. Regular national and international championships for indoor hockey are held. 

Are You Wondering Why You Need Indoor Hockey Rink Tiles?

With rising fuel costs worldwide, running to your nearest hockey rink for daily training is not feasible, affordable, or convenient.

Indoor Hockey Tiles are a great long-term investment for hockey enthusiasts who want to polish their skills. So if you want to develop your indoor hockey skills, here are the best indoor hockey rink tiles to set up your rink at home!

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ModuTile Interlocking Indoor/Outdoor Tiles – Best Indoor Hockey Rink Tiles Overall 

ModuTile is pleased to provide a selection of interlocking floor tiles for your project constructing an indoor hockey rink. They specialize in offering modular flooring for home modifications like refinishing deck and patio floors, garage floors, wet basement floors, and even backyard hockey courts. Interlocking ModuTile tiles are composed of high-impact plastic (polypropylene). 

Thus, these resilient, lightweight tiles can endure even large machinery and automobiles! The floor is made of modular pieces that connect with a loop-to-peg locking mechanism. The installation of these floor tiles doesn’t require hiring a professional installer. They are sturdy enough to stay put under the most extreme wear and tear when you play hockey, but they snap together quickly. 

In actuality, installing the floor requires no tools at all. You may snap the interconnecting tiles with just your hands. Additionally, all of the tiles feature grooves underneath for water and airflow. This feature keeps the flooring from molding and lengthens its lifespan. This is particularly crucial if you’re building a hockey rink in your basement.

Franklin Sports Hockey Shooting Pad – Best Synthetic Ice Shooting Tiles for Shot Training

With Franklin Sports Hockey Dryland Flooring Tiles, you can sharpen your shooting and stick-handling abilities even when you’re not on the ice and inside your house! These synthetic ice hockey tiles, which measures 4 by 3, is the ideal piece of off-ice practice gear for honing shooting and puck-handling abilities. With the help of this synthetic dryland tile pad, you can practice your dangles and snipes at home just like you would on the ice. 

It has twelve fake ice tiles measuring 12″ x 12″ that fit together to make a training surface measuring 12′ square feet. The snap-together, interlocking tiles install quickly. Additionally, the artificial ice tiles may be put together however you like, allowing you to customize your training pad to meet your practice area. In the basement, on the driveway, or wherever your practice takes you, hone your skills. 

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With a realistic ice feel, this hockey training equipment is the best way to help you practice your shooting and stick-handling techniques off-ice, whether taking your first shift, getting ready for the championship game, or joining adult leagues. 

Better Hockey Extreme Dryland Flooring Tiles  – Most Recommended by Hockey Professionals

Premium sports equipment mimics the slick surface required for hockey shots and stick-handling activities. Better Hockey Extreme Dryland Flooring Tiles are built for indoor and outdoor use. You’ll be astounded at how easily and smoothly a standard puck can mimic the feel of actual ice! 

With just a few minutes of work, you can quickly construct a top-notch training rink using these floor panels. Please note that Better Hockey tiles are designed for off-ice training only and should not be used for skating. Better Hockey tiles are covered with a weather-proof coating that enables year-round use indoors or outdoors.

Hockey players of all skill levels, including more than 100 NHL players and tens of thousands of young players, train with the cutting-edge shooting tiles developed by Better Hockey. Better Hockey Extreme Dryland Flooring Tiles offer the ideal atmosphere for practicing shooting, stickhandling, and passing techniques at home and are great for youngsters and adults. The ten 18″ by 18″ 7/16″ tiles in each Better Hockey Extreme Dryland Flooring Tile cover 22.5 square feet.

The Hockey Revolution Colored High Durability Dryland Flooring Tiles – Best High Durability Dryland Tiles 

Professional hockey players and coaches have carefully designed and tested the Hockey Revolution Colored High Durability Dryland Flooring Tiles. This set can be set up on any flat surface and is appropriate for use inside and outside. 

Your hockey puck will glide more easily because of the extra slickness of Hockey Revolution’s premium tiles. You can use it in your backyard, garage, park, or living room and enjoy friendly tournaments and practice sessions with your loved ones from the comfort of your home. 

You can use the Hockey Revolution training app and other compatible items to receive the greatest results. These simple-to-put-together tiles are excellent for off-ice hockey training since they are long-lasting, lightweight, and portable. 

These tiles are available in various colors, including yellow, orange, red, blue, green, teal, black, white, and grey, making them a tonne of fun for kids.

Big Floors Dryland Practice Hockey Interlocking Tile Kit – Best 18” x 18” tiles

These dryland training tiles are a creation of a small company named Big Floors. The Big Floors dryland practice tile package is perfect for basements, gyms, temporary outdoor locations, or anywhere else you need a professional hockey training floor. Their patented materials, made in the USA, provide outstanding synthetic ice that closely resembles the feel of actual ice. 

These tiles’ smooth surface shields your hockey stick from concrete and hard surfaces with a rough texture and protects it from getting scratched. You can practice handling the puck and passing with these. This tile kit may make almost any portable dryland hockey surface size fit any interior space, yard, or garage

 per your preference. Additionally, these tiles are UV stable for temporary outdoor and inside use. The best thing is that this tile kit is timeless, allowing you to hone your abilities year-round.

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Sniper’s Edge Hockey Dryland Slick Tiles – Best Heavy-Duty Slick Tiles for Indoor Hockey Rink

Hockey training gear of the highest caliber is available from Sniper’s Edge to athletes looking to advance their game. Sniper’s Edge goods are proudly designed, tested, and produced in the USA. With the help of these synthetic ice tiles, you can practice your hockey shots all year round without risking stick damage. 

It is built of long-lasting, sturdy materials. Due to their 12″ by 12″ size, each tile is simple to store and put together. Any size space can benefit from the utilization of the tiles. 10 tiles of dark blue are present. Stickhandling, passing, and shooting can all be improved using the Slick Tiles. The Sniper’s Edge Hockey Slick Tiles are excellent for players of any age and ability level. Pair it with Sniper’s Edge pucks to increase shooting power and stick weight!

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