The Best Roller Hockey Rink Tiles In 2022

Finding roller hockey floor tiles to make the ideal playing surface is a crucial step in the planning process for adding roller hockey to any recreational area. Hockey is a game that all amateur or professional players must be in tune with to stay in rhythm.

In this case, players who don’t have easy access to a professional hockey rink should use hockey flooring tiles. It is possible to create a surface identical to a professional hockey rink anywhere, even in your room, with the aid of hockey floor tiles.

Therefore, it is not necessary to go far to join a roller hockey club. Numerous companies sell flooring tiles for roller hockey that resemble one another but are of varying quality. But you may also use tennis court tiles, outdoor court tiles, and flat top court tiles instead of roller hockey rink tiles to construct your rink.

Roller Hockey Rink Tiles

Fast-paced ice hockey is similar to roller hockey. However, it is played on a rougher surface. It was created as a substitute for ice hockey in warm climates.

Roller hockey is a two-team sport that may be played indoors and outside while roller skating. It is also known as quad, inline, or skater. In this game, players must use their hockey sticks to drive the ball to the opposing team’s goalpost. By defending the goalpost, the respective goalies stop the players on the opposing team from scoring.

Roller hockey (inline), played on inline skates with an ice hockey stick and involved a lot of quick “running back and forth” action, is quite similar to ice hockey.

Synthetic ice rink ice hockey team traing

What is a Roller Hockey Rink?

Roller hockey can be found in many forms and has a loyal fan base in almost every nation. The Chicago Park District has six roller hockey rinks spread out over the city because they are so popular. A roller hockey rink is a flat, firm surface typically made of concrete or hardwood and used for inline skating or roller skating. However, with growing technology, you do not need to worry about dealing with tricky materials such as concrete and hardwood for your roller hockey rink DIY projects. You will not need to stand in the sun with heavy tools, smoothing out the concrete on the ground. Thanks to ready-to-install roller hockey rink tiles and their many alternatives!

Benefits of Roller Hockey Rink Tiles

The special surface relief of Roller Hockey Rink Tiles creates secure and smooth skate contact, allowing for quick acceleration and enhanced maneuverability. While cruising speed, your skates only touch the top surface with very low friction. For better cornering and stopping, your skates dig into the lower surface profile for increased grip.

The real magic occurs with Roller Hockey Rink Tiles’ unique surface tile design. Roller Hockey Rink Tiles usually feature tiny raised pinheads on the surface, which elevate the puck slightly so that it glides as if it’s on a sheet of ice. In addition, Roller Hockey Rink Tiles’ unique surface perforation diffuses air pressure build-up underneath the puck so that it does not lift or wobble during play. 

Tiles that Make the Best Roller Hockey Rink Tiles

Flat Top Court Tiles

The Flat Top Court Tile is a fantastic product if you’re interested in purchasing roller hockey rink tiles. It may be put over most surfaces, including indoor low pile carpets and hard flat surfaces, and has a raised base that promotes ventilation in moist environments.

This one’s simple DIY snap-together construction makes it simple to assemble and disassemble. The product has been load tested for 10,000 pounds per square foot and comes in various color options for court design. This tile can be painted with lines and borders, making it ideal for colleges or schools.

Some of the top roller hockey floor tiles available everywhere are made with long-lasting value thanks to the quality control technique used throughout production. Our favorite Flat Top Court Tile is the Greatmats interlocking Flat Top Click Tile 5/8 Inch x 1×1 Ft. Let us tell you why!

Outdoor Court Tiles 

The outdoor court tiles are ideal for use as roller rink flooring. They have a leaf spring-type flex joint system that offers regulated lateral give during play, simplicity of application on a subsurface, and controlled thermal expansion. They are also incredibly simple to install.

This product provides stable flooring for your athletes or gamers and works exceptionally well in wet or dry situations. Although it works as a roller hockey court, You may also use it for other sports like basketball and volleyball. Therefore, if toughness and adaptability are things you want in roller hockey floor tiles, this product provides them.

Here are the 3 Best Roller Hockey Rink Tiles!

Hotshot Inline Hockey Flooring 1/2 Inch Thick by IncStores

With wonderfully smooth interlocking inline hockey flooring tiles made of incredibly robust, shock-resistant hard plastic, you can quickly and easily erect a championship-caliber court wherever you play, whenever you want.

These high-quality interlocking polypropylene plastic tiles elevate your game to a new level with a floor that can withstand arduous double headers and continuous chemical cleaning season after season, from slapshots to hat tricks.

Impact-ready 1/2″ interlocking tiles from IncStores provide a scuff, mold, and stain-resistant surface that effortlessly snaps together to never get in the way of dekes, dangles, or dance movements. They are made for easy maintenance and personalization.

Inline hockey, roller rinks, and skate parks benefit from the harsher indoor/outdoor space created by the sturdy material, but you can also change the size and boundary lines to suit your demands, thanks to its icy white appearance and endless expandability.

Since a stronger, safer, and more attractive home starts from the ground up, IncStores has furnished every room with high-strength interlocking floor tiles in various designs.

Notable Features:

  • Made from high-quality interlocking polypropylene plastic
  • Shock-resistant 
  • Stain-resistant surface
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors

Interlocking Flat Top Click Tile 5/8 Inch x 1×1 Ft by Greatmats

Greatmats interlocking Flat Top Click Tile 5/8 Inch x 1×1 Ft is perfect for use on indoor sports courts. Thanks to their innovative interlocking system with loop and tab connectors, you may play basketball, volleyball, badminton, and other indoor sports on tight, durable courts.

Greatmats Flat Top Click Tiles are easy to install because of the interlocking snap system. If necessary, these adaptable modular plastic tiles can be dismantled and reinstalled. Use their Flat Top Click Tiles in schools, athletic facilities, recreation centers, and indoor sports courts.

When installing them over a hard surface, it is advised to lay a 3 mm rubber underlayment beneath these court tiles. Running, jumping, or playing on the court tile installation offers good cushioning. The use of installation on the carpet is not advised. Greatmats is your one-stop shop if you’re seeking the ideal surface for a roller hockey court or rink! 

Allow Greatmats to do the work for you once you’ve determined the dimensions of the space you’re working with, the sort of flooring material you want to use (plastic, vinyl, etc.), the style of court you want (indoor or outdoor), and the general budget you’d want to stick to.

Notable Features:

  • Simple DIY snap-together assembly with tight seams
  • For repeated installs, it is simple to disassemble
  • In humid regions, a raised base permits airflow
  • Optional borders and corners provide a ramping, beveled edge
  • Simple to keep and clean
  • Paintable lines

DuraGrid Outdoor Modular Interlocking Multi-Use Plastic Deck Tile by Big Floors

Deck tile is the ideal economical replacement for worn-out surfaces surrounding your pool, patio, garden, or aging deck. But you’ll be surprised to know that deck tile is excellent for indoor use in basements and as a roller hockey rink tile! 

This product handles heavy foot traffic, prolonged UV exposure, and water exposure. Water can drain and dry off rapidly thanks to the free-draining design. Installing Deck Tile modular tiles are simple. The interlocking tiles offer excellent floor protection and a high-end aesthetic by simply snapping together without using tools or glues. The level of traction provided by the slip-resistant surface design keeps you from slipping, which makes it ideal for roller hockey!

Notable Features:

  • Easily available
  • Makes a great roller hockey rink tile
  • You can install it in the basement
  • Excellent UV protection
  • These tiles are slip-resistant, making them ideal for roller hockey
  • Easy to install and clean

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