5 Best Surfaces of Basketball Court Tiles

Many people look forward to building an outdoor basketball courtyard. For that, basketball court tiles are necessary, but it is important to research and make a list of all available options to ensure you are getting what you need.

There are tons of basketball court tiles available in the market, and many of those have excellent construction and quality. Thus, if you plan on building a basketball court tile at home but have no idea what the best surfaces of basketball court tiles are, this post is for you.

How to choose the best surfaces of basketball court tiles?

It is essential to take into account a few factors while purchasing basketball court tiles. If you want to make sure that you have the best time while practicing or playing with your peers, make sure that the tiles you have chosen have the following attributes:

  • Durability – It is important for the tiles you choose to be as durable as possible to ensure their preservation in the long run. The basketball court tiles you choose should be able to endure constant foot strength without losing their good aesthetic function. It should also resist the frequent weather changes that happen every day.
  • Perforations – Basketball court tiles are meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Therefore, they need to possess a perforated surface optimized for water drainage and reduce the slip hazard.
  • Traction – Your basketball court flooring should provide the players with enough traction, so they do not slip while running and jumping on it. It must be shock absorbent in case an athlete happens to sleep, and the chances of injury are greatly reduced. It also makes the tiles easier on the practitioners’ joints.
  • Installation – Basketball court tiles can be installed in different ways depending on the manufacturer. Most of the time, the process is quite easy as our design is snap-together basketball court tiles, which you can treat as a DIY project you can complete in one day.

If you keep these aspects in mind, it will be easy for you to find high-quality basketball court tiles that make it possible to play the game as smoothly as possible.

What is The top surface of basketball court tiles?

Now that we know the essential aspects of basketball court tiles, we can begin mentioning some of the most viable options in the market. The list below provides you with diverse outdoor basketball court tiles for all budgets and needs.

Outdoor Court Tile by Great Mats

Great Mats offers different court tiles in different colors. The company offers diverse colors and options for outdoor sports courts. Great Mats sells high-quality multisport court tiles that you can easily customize to be suitable for basketball use.

As expected, all outdoor court tiles by this company are made from Polypropylene Plastic, making them especially useful for outdoor installations. It is non-absorbent material that is easy to maintain and is quite resistant. 

Basketball Court Floor (for Outdoor and Indoor spaces) by ModuTile 

ModuTile is a company that sells tiles for different purposes, including basketball court flooring. You can find outdoor and indoor kits within their categories, allowing you to choose different options depending on your needs.

All basketball court tiles available at ModuTile are extremely easy to install. Furthermore, they are low maintenance and extremely resistant. ModuTile claims that their courts can support vehicles that weigh up to 40,000 pounds!

Basketball Court Tiles by VersaCourt 

If you want something special for your basketball court, you can consider buying from VersaCourt. This company offers residential and commercial basketball court tiles, allowing you to choose the best solution based on the application you are looking for at the moment.

All basketball courts by VersaCourt are made with fairly good shock-absorbency, allowing whoever plays on the court to have a better performance as they won’t feel fatigued too quickly.

Hard Plastic Court Flooring by Rubber Flooring Inc

Rubber Flooring Inc has been in the market for several years. This company offers court tiles for different sports, including professional applications and multisport court tiles. The cost is relatively affordable compared to other options.

When it comes to the surface, many tiles are made from high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene. Thus, you can be sure of the durability and resistance of your basketball court in the long run.

Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring by Wanhe Sport

Wanhe Sport is the manufacturer of sports court floors, OEM and ODM as well. This company has been present in the market for more than 30 years, providing people with the best price and the highest quality sports flooring throughout the years in the whole industry. An indoor and outdoor solution for multisport backyard court tile can be perfectly found in Wanhe Sport.

Wanhe Sport offers Basketball courts that use a patented interlocking system, making it quite easy to install them even if you are on your own. In addition, the surface provided is professional and extremely resistant, making them a good option for intense activity.

These tiles are characterized by having optimal traction and low-abrasion surface, making it possible to have a good performance while also preserving the sports equipment as much as possible.

Another good aspect of this company is that it offers several customizable options. You will be able to add custom game lines, logos, or graphics! Although the company has tons of colors available, if there is a particular shade you would like for your tiles, you can also request them. 


Thus, plastic sports tiles have been the best choice considering the economic price, the long-lasting life cycle, and the low maintenance cost than many other surfaces of basketball court tiles you can choose for your spaces.

Of course, there are tons of other options out there, but the brands listed in this article are quite remarkable due to their prices, quality, and experience in the niche. Some of these stores even have ongoing sales!

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