What Are The Best Tiles Do Outdoor Basketball Courts Use?

Basketball courts are special flooring types developed for basketball use. You can easily spot them due to the regular court lines and other markings that you can see spread all through the surface. Basketball courts must be sturdy, shiny, and quite firm to qualify for professional use. These factors should prevail even when the ball is bouncing around and the players are running around it.

In this case, what tiles do outdoor basketball courts use? Outdoor basketball courts are meant to use tiles designed for outdoor use. Otherwise, the space will be prone to becoming damaged in less time than you expect.

It’s important to note that some court tiles are meant for outdoor use, while others can be better used in indoor spaces. You can also find multisport tiles and special court flooring kits for basketball courts, either for indoor or outdoor use. There are a lot of options out there.

Let’s explore how you can choose court flooring and the aspects you should consider before buying outdoor basketball court tiles for your backyard or any other outdoor space. 

What is outdoor basketball court flooring?

Court flooring is meant to provide a secure surface where people can play sports without problems, whether you are indoors or outdoors. Court flooring can come in different versions, such as tiles or planks. In addition, court flooring is meant to be durable and resistant, so it is likely a one-time purchase.

Court flooring requires minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the materials used to construct the tiles include vinyl, hard plastic, and even hardwood. It varies from one manufacturer to another. Most court floorings are developed for multisport options in the market that you can consider exploring.

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Some companies also allow you to customize your court, while others have pre-designed styles that you can choose either depending on what you want for your basketball court.

The tiles of outdoor basketball courts

Outdoor basketball court tiles are meant to be durable and resistant to use and also weather circumstance should be considered. After all, they’ll spend long periods in harsh conditions, so it is important to ensure that your investment will be long-lasting.

It’s essential to choose basketball flooring that is made from high-quality material that can resist these harsh conditions. If you are unsure of the best option for you, below, we break down some of the most common options in the market for you to choose the one that suits you better.


Hard Plastic Flooring

Most of the time, plastic basketball court flooring is manufactured with polypropylene. This plastic is extremely resistant to pretty much any condition you can think of – impact, chemicals, weather, and use, among many other problems. This material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and the color never fades and remains as shiny as new all the time.

Hard plastic flooring is extremely resistant to impact force and has shock-absorbing properties. Therefore, you’ll likely notice a boost in actions that can be “hard” on the joints before, such as jump shots or running.

Other materials

Hard plastic is the only material recommended for outdoor use because it is the only one capable of surviving in extreme weather. Other materials for basketball courtyards include vinyl and hardwood.

Vinyl flooring is typically customized to create a particular aesthetic. For instance, it’s quite common for some stores to create wood-look planks or tiles for a “classic” basketball court appearance. However, unlike hard plastic, vinyl flooring cannot resist outdoor use. It is only for indoors. In addition, vinyl court planks typically include a high-impact propylene base, which provides good support. Furthermore, the surface also has a special coating that prevents dampness from accumulating on the surface.

Wood flooring will create the look of a traditional indoor basketball court. However, as you may guess, it is extremely delicate, and it can’t survive in an outdoor setting in the long run.

Types of court flooring

Most basketball courts use tiles, but you can also choose to use planks. The main difference between both types of court flooring is explained below:

  • Court flooring tiles are meant to be easy and quick to install. You will be able to choose different colors, so it is easy to customize your space with them. Furthermore, tiles are made from extremely resistant and fade-proof plastic. Therefore, they can be used in outdoor and indoor settings.
  • When it comes to wood planks, the best thing they offer is the classic atmosphere and excellent feel

When it comes to outdoor applications, you should always choose basketball court flooring tiles because they are made of plastic. This material is quite resistant and will contribute to smooth gameplay while preserving its condition in the long term.

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What are the best tiles for outdoor basketball courts?

As we’ve mentioned, the best option for an outdoor setting is to use outdoor court tiles. After all, these tiles are manufactured to be durable and resistant to different conditions, including misuse and the weather.

Furthermore, outdoor tiles make it easier for water to drain, and some of them even include a slip-resistant coating that prevents potential accidents from happening from time to time. In addition, polypropylene plastic(PP) is well-known for preserving its bright colors in harsh conditions. Thus, your basketball court will remain as colorful as ever over time.

What’s best about outdoor basketball court tiles is that they are extremely easy to maintain. All you have to do is clean them with a hose and a leaf blower when necessary. You only have to shake off the debris it may have on the surface, and you’ll be ready to start using it again.

With that being said, we can break down outdoor basketball court flooring into different types:

Regular outdoor sports tiles 

Outdoor sports tiles are the best choice for basketball and tennis courts and spaces for many other sports. As mentioned, these tiles have been designed to be resistant to harsh conditions. Furthermore, they reduce the risk of slipping thanks to their slip-resistant properties. It’s easy to clean them and is extremely durable in the long run.

Premium outdoor sports tiles

Some companies offer high-quality options with extra features, such as improved shock absorbency and even better supreme traction. The new features vary from one manufacturer to another, though. However, you can be sure that these tiles will be resistant to mold, mildew, UV rays, and other conditions.

Professional sport tiles 

Professional sport tiles are the best option for outdoor settings and are suitable for a wide range of sports. The tiles are equipped with all the features you need to be comfortable while playing. You can use them for different court sports, including basketball and tennis. 

Some of the characteristics these tiles include are the following:

  • Impact resistance
  • UV stability
  • Easy debris removal 
  • Quick assembly and removal

It is extremely easy to personalize these spaces, as they often come in a neutral aesthetic. Thus, you can use tape or paint them to make them suitable for basketball or any other sport. Wanhe Sport can also help you to paint lines if necessary.

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The Bottom Line

The best option for an outdoor setting will always be outdoor tiles. This flooring has been designed to be as resistant and durable as possible. So, it will survive during the hottest days of summer and will be as good as new even during the cold winter. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to building a shock-resistance space where you can play basketball, the best option is to use outdoor tiles.

Hard plastic is the #1 material for outdoor settings. Vinyl and hardwood are good options for indoor spaces, but they may not be able to survive in exteriors.

Before purchasing your outdoor basketball court tiles, you can compare our products and contact us at any time. This way, you will make sure that the product you’re using has the highest quality possible and will last for a long time, allowing you to enjoy your favorite sport during any season.

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