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Icy surfaces do not last all year long to play ice hockey, but fake ice hockey tiles do. A solid polymer substance called polyethylene plastic is used to make ice tiles that give you a real ice feel. 

When skating on real ice, the skate blade exerts more force on the ice’s microscopic upper layers, dissolving them to release a tiny quantity of water that decreases friction and makes the blade glide across the surface of the ice.

Liquid surface improvements are frequently used in tile manufacturing to resemble the properties of real ice and reduce the drag on the skate blade over the fake ice hockey tiles. 

Myths About Fake Ice Hockey Tiles

Difficult to Set Up

Connecting the tiles to form a huge surface can overwhelm people new to imitation ice hockey tiles. As a result, many people anticipate that setting up and organizing fake ice hockey tiles will take a lot of time and effort, and they may be unable to do it very well. This misconception frequently causes people to hire professionals who make a living putting up ice hockey tiles. This notion is, however, very false.

Child’s Play

Most people think of artificial ice panels as a kid’s backyard game. They’ll be most useful and enjoyable for kids while practicing hockey moves or ice skating routines. It is anticipated that adults and specialists won’t be very useful in ice hockey. They’ll require the real deal!

Waste of Money 

We understand that artificial ice tiles might be very intimidating. Setting up a big area or your rink can cost a lot of money. People believe that since fake ice hockey tiles are created using high-quality polymer materials, just like any form of flooring worth its salt, they are unnecessary. As a result, it is typical for individuals to ignore the various benefits of fake ice hockey tiles.

The Reality About Fake Ice Hockey Tiles

Easy to Set Up

All you need are two strong sets of hands and a little creativity. The location could be a driveway, deck, extra room, basement, garage, or backyard. Some people searching for the ideal surface even choose to build a full-scale rink. Installing is as simple as measuring your space, connecting the tiles across the full surface, and letting your creativity run free. 

A smaller surface can be built up quickly and easily as a DIY project. Depending on the size of the entire space, a larger fake ice hockey tiles surface could require up to a few hours. 

For Everyone

Anyone can enjoy using fake ice hockey tiles, even though most people who purchase panels do so for their children. Yes, kids of all hockey and skating abilities benefit from using a synthetic ice rink surface. But skating at home is also enjoyable for adults of all skill levels. Elite athletes use artificial ice panels in their houses to prepare during the off-season. Artificial tiles are not just for children’s entertainment. In the absence of ice, they serve as an effective training tool.

Great and Lasting Investment 

Purchasing the tiles and accompanying setup tools is unquestionably a wise investment with huge long-term benefits. You can save money on coaching sessions and lessons or work remotely with your instructor in a post-covid world. 

Consider the advantages of saving time too. You won’t need to get ready, get in the car, and drive an hour to the closest rink to practice and improve your skills. You can immediately get on your rink and begin skating. Play and practice at home to avoid paying rink expenses.

While it’s amazing to practice on natural ice, fake ice hockey tiles allow you, your family, or even hockey teams to continue their season-long practice. Additionally, you can save money on coaching sessions and lessons or work remotely with your instructor without wasting fuel. 

Best Fake Ice Hockey Tiles

Skate Anytime Hockey Synthetic Ice – Best Overall 

Made of high-quality plastic that is durable in all weather conditions and reasonably portable. Since this ice is meant to mimic the skating sensation on a genuine rink, there are no dirty sprays or updates to worry about. 

You should be able to select one that is suitable for your playing needs because it comes in various sizes. Additionally, it is available all year round and can be used indoors and outdoors. The best part is that it has a 5-Year limited manufacturer warranty included. 

HockeyShot Synthetic Revolution Tiles – Best for Outdoors

This ice surface can be skated on and features a cutting-edge clipping system that makes it ideal for all kinds of ice hockey and other sports. Players find it simple to pass, shoot, and manage the puck on a smooth surface. The tiles can be used outdoors in any environment since they resist the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. 

They are suitable for the Puck Stopper Edging Containment System and have a smooth edging design. It is a wise decision as a result. This is a fantastic solution for those who want to play ice hockey in an outdoor arena but do not want to worry about uneven rink floors.

PolyGlide Synthetic Ice Home Kit – Best Complete Ice Hockey Kit

The ideal starting point for your at-home ice rink is the PolyGlide Starter Kit. The apparatus is portable and lightweight, creating ice from a single sheet of a novel ice-making polymer. It has four panels and a sliding agent unique to the maker, and the ice may be kept smooth without needing surface lubricants. The beginning kit also comes with optional extras.

Material and Usage of Good Quality Fake Ice Hockey Tiles


Any usual artificial ice rink will be made up of many fake ice hockey tiles with thin surfaces typically constructed on top of a stable, level, and smooth sub-floor (which could be made of any material from cement to oak to mud or grass). The connection protocols differ. The usual “dovetail” joint system needs a nearly faultless substrate to function securely, whereas you can fit a commercialized joint connection system on any surface.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is the most widely used material. However, some manufacturers have lately started using ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). 

Use of Ice Hockey Tiles

Fake ice hockey tiles are occasionally used when natural ice is unavailable due to changing seasons. Due to its lower total cost and lack of refrigeration systems, fake ice hockey tiles are also employed as a substitute for artificial ice rinks. While newer developments are being built outdoors, rinks have been installed within hotels and entertainment facilities for recreational skating. 

Synthetic ice rinks are utilized for specific training, including shooting or goalkeeper training, and are usually smaller for ice hockey, measuring around 50 feet (15 m) by 50 feet (15 m).

Bottom Line

Fake ice hockey tiles can conform to practically any ground since these tiles fit together like a puzzle. Owners of fake ice hockey tiles can purchase as many or as few tiles as they require. Many ice hockey players build sizable rinks with fake ice hockey tiles in their backyards, while others skate in a spare room or garage, so it is totally up to you how you wish to go about it!

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