How long is a basketball court ?

The length of a basketball court is 28m(92 feet). These measurements can be reduced to 26m(85feet) for indoor and outdoor sports hall , Club ,GYMs and Community courts where only smaller spaces are available.

How wide is a basketball court?

The width of an International-standard basketball court for FIBA is 15m(49feet). The court lines can be reduced by no more than 1m (14m/46feet ) if required for lower levels of play.

What is the total area of a basketball court? or how big is a basketball court?

A basketball court is 91.86ft long and 49.21ft wide. The total playing area for a court is 4520.43 ft² and 7290.5ft² if run-offs and sidelines are required.(Half basketball court and full basketball size)

If use our 12”x12” Outdoor interlocking sport court tile or Indoor Sport court tiles will need to match 4508 pcs and 7290 pcs Tiles.

How about the basketball court Sidelines?
The outer edge of the court is denoted by the sidelines, which run the length of the court. On a full-sized court they measure 28m.

But customized size basketball court can be provided also. Please check the drawing layout below;

220109 basketball court 2
It’s our outdoor Classic tiles (25cmx25cm )design.
Customized outdoor basketball court size
Above it’s a 608 square meters full size outdoor basketball court drawing layout.
8mx7m drawing
Above design if for a backyard basketball court. You can click the basketball court project picture .

Other questions about the basketball court? Please check the details below;

How about the baseketball court baseline and endline ?
The terms baseline and endline both refer to the ends of the court running behind the goals. Typically they measure 15m.

The use of the different terms depends on the direction a team is playing. Endline is the term for the end of the court which a team is defending, baseline is the for the attacking end.

About the basketball court Mid court.
This is the halfway mark on the court and is used to denote the offensive playing area during a game.

On a full-sized court, the mid court line would be 14m from each endline.

About the Centre circle Basketball court line.
Used for the opening tip off, the center circle has a 3.6m diameter.

How about the Three point line of your basketball court?
The three point lines are the arcs that mark a range boundary from each hoop. Scoring from outside this line is worth three points. The distance of the line will vary depending on the level of game, but is typically 6.75m from the basket.

What about the Free throw line of your outdoor basketball court ?
The free throw line, marked 4.6m from the backboard, is the mark at which a player must stand when shooting free throws.

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