How Much Does it Cost to Build a Roller Hockey Rink in 2022?

Due to their many physical activities, roller hockey rinks had a resurgence in popularity among college students in the 1990s. Are you interested in opening a skating rink and wondering how much it will cost? If so, the following cost breakdown for constructing and opening a roller hockey rink is provided. 

A sports league like roller hockey, figure skating, speed skating, or curling league is the ideal customer for an ice skating rink. This league will need to rent ice time for several sessions and games, bringing in a consistent income for the season. Several players may purchase additional ice time for private practice.

DIY Roller Hockey Rink for Your Backyard

Your Roller Hockey Rink Kit

Small kids can benefit greatly from a rink as small as 17 feet by 35 feet, especially if they are new to roller hockey. However, not all manufacturers provide this size, so you’ll pay more if you want to buy a kit rather than the components to build one from scratch. A complete kit with everything you need, including simple-to-assemble plastic boards, brackets, and a liner, should cost around $1,000.

Your rink should be at least 20 feet by 40 feet if used by adults, older kids, or more experienced skaters. For approximately $350, you can buy a kit of this size with the $200–300 worth of plywood needed to make the rink walls.

If you have the room, you may spend roughly $6,000 on a kit for 52 feet by 104 feet rink.

Do It Yourself 

You can make significant financial savings by buying the supplies required to build your hockey rink. Irrespective of the size, you will want plywood for the walls and 24-inch stakes to secure them. You should be able to get the materials from your neighborhood home improvement store for $500 or less, based on how large you want the boards to be.

What type of floor is best for roller skating?

Roller skaters enjoy spinning, or other powerful maneuvers, such as jam skaters prefer skating facilities with concrete floors. The slicker surface makes spinning with more ease. The installation of a concrete floor is substantially less expensive than a wood floor. 

You can purchase outdoor roller hockey tiles if you want to build the rink in your backyard solely for roller hockey. And if you want to have an ice hockey rink, then there are amazing options available for synthetic ice tiles. 

Figure Skating Synthetic Ice

Roller Hockey Rink for Business

Are You Looking to Build a Roller Hockey Rink for Business? Americans of all ages like going to the roller hockey rink for either roller skating or ice skating. There is a sizable market for new skating rinks in locations around the country, even though there are over a thousand roller hockey and skating rinks and about 2,800 ice skating rings in the United States. 

When planning to create new rinks, prospective skating rink owners should carefully analyze a skating rink’s logistical requirements, beginning and running costs, and the value it would contribute to its community.

Starting a Roller Hockey Rink business

Finding a cheap rink in a community where many teens are key to starting a roller hockey or skating rink business. You need to have enough money to spend on the proper equipment and rebuilding and have a great skating rink location, form, pricing, and size.

Find a Roller Hockey Arena

Real estate might be very expensive, depending on where you live. If you decide to create your ice rink, you will require a parking lot twice as large as the arena.

When choosing a roller hockey or skating rink location, seek one with a parking lot that is at least twice as big as the building space and is visible from the road. Owners of successful skating rinks today advise paying about $4,000 a month for your location. Install a cement surface if you have a big space to save money. 

Hardwood polyurethane-coated flooring is a great option if your area is compact. First things first: if you want to purchase an outdoor roller hockey rink or skating rink, you must have at least $35 000, $2,000,000 for a standard-sized arena, or $7,000,000 for a better location and size. However, you will require about $4000 if you wish to rent a skating rink.

Create a budget for the first $10,000 to $40,000 expenses (insurance, floor, reconstruction, equipment, etc.) A rolling skate park would require additional start-up expenses of $35,000, including building the stadium, installing safety features, and buying water skis and vaults.

This charge covers all elevator consumables, including rental knives.

How to Build a Roller Skating Rink Floor?

You must spend money on maple hardwood flooring if you want to construct a roller-skating rink. There will be substantially more traction on maple wood flooring. This floor is often smoother and lasts for up to 50 years. Also, maple-hardwood roller skating flooring needs to be more humidity resistant and simple to maintain.

The dimensions of an ice hockey rink are 200 feet by 85 feet or 61 meters by 26 meters, but a conventional roller or skating rink is 197 feet by 98.5 feet or 30 meters by 60 meters. The skating rinks can typically accommodate both skaters and hockey players due to the slight size difference.

Building a roller hockey rink in your backyard can give you the necessary practice time to improve your abilities. 

You can practice inline ice hockey on a driveway with specially painted lines or on a specially constructed outdoor rink. These surfaces frequently serve as both a basketball court and, in the winter, an ice hockey rink.

Licensing and Legal Permissions

You need city approvals to build or renovate your roller rink.

To construct or remodel your skating rink, you must obtain the necessary approvals from your town. For instance, you can obtain a permit for business building and remodeling in Redford, Michigan. If you renovate the space, you should list every item taken out, put it back in, and provide floor plans for the renovation. If you wish to serve food or drink on your property, you must obtain the required permit from your local health authority. For instance, the California Alcoholic B Department in Los Angeles County will issue you a liquor permit, and the Los Angeles Public Health Department will issue you a license for a restaurant (food establishment).

If you wish to play music, look for a “blanket” license that allows you to do so from various studios and musicians. You can purchase your performance rights from companies like ASCAP and BMI. For Ferndale, Michigan, it is necessary to obtain Company Development & Reconstruction Permits. If you’re reconstructing the area, a list of nearly all the materials that need to be replaced will be created, and you will need to generate plans for the remodeling.

Your clients must submit a form of release from responsibility before skating in your field to avoid liability and legal action. The rink must also obtain a sufficient amount of insurance coverage. Additionally, it is usually preferable to have adequate health insurance than to find yourself on the hook for damages following a disaster.

Insurance and State Funding

The average price of a roller hockey rink nowadays is around $1.5 million. It’s also essential that the rink has the appropriate level of financial protection. Then, when you’ve decided to found your own small business, whether it is a Roller Ski Slope or not, government aid can assist in defraying some of your initial costs. 

You can cover any initial expenses with help from the federal government. There are numerous federal funding options available to help you launch or grow your business, buy the supplies and equipment you need, hire staff, and pay for marketing expenses, among many other things.

Increasing Your Roller Hockey Rink’s Profitability

Your profit margins are restricted if your rink exclusively offers roller hockey. Think about transforming it into more of a recreation area. You may do various things, including selling food and drinks, skates, offering roller hockey lessons, and offering exercise classes that integrate roller hockey to increase the attraction of your roller hockey rink to fans.

Promoting Your Roller Hockey Rink

Sports teams like hockey teams can be the focus of arcade games. You can invite the best teams in the community to participate in roller hockey competitions you host in your rink to attract hockey teams.

The idea here is to sell your rink to a particular demographic to boost its profitability. Additionally, you can turn your roller hockey rink into an ice skating rink and rent it to neighborhood school teams and touring recreational ice hockey organizations. You can also advertise a roller hockey rink to children and families seeking a fun day out or those yearning for their youth. Focus on making your skating rink the ideal fit for a certain demographic rather than attempting to make it suitable for all customers.

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