How Thick Is Basketball Court Tile?

Basketball court tiles are necessary to build a comfortable space where it is possible to play the title sport comfortably. These tiles can be made of different materials depending on their final application. 

Some of the most common choices for basketball court tiles include hardwood and hard plastic. Their structure defines whether they can be used in outdoor or indoor applications. It’s also worth noting that some tiles are made for multisport while others were made specifically for an outdoor or indoor basketball court.

This way, it is important to find the correct basketball court tiles based on their final application. Most basketball court tiles have the same thickness, which is around 1-3cm.

We will explore some of the essential aspects of basketball court tiles and how to choose the correct type of flooring for your basketball court based on your needs.

What is court flooring?

Court flooring is a special type of flooring that was designed to provide athletes or practitioners with a safe and level surface where they can play basketball or any other sport safely. Court flooring can come in the form of tiles or planks.

Some of the most common materials for court flooring include hard plastic, hardwood, and vinyl. Perhaps the most “notable” characteristic of this type of flooring is that it is shock-absorbent and provides the athlete with as much support as possible during play.

Common court flooring material types

As mentioned, court flooring can be made of different materials. It is important to explore different options as each type of flooring has different properties and durability. Below you can find a brief description of some of the most common court flooring materials for basketball and other sports.

Some of these materials come in tiles or planks. Either option is great and depends on what the court needs for that particular sport.

Hard plastic

Hard plastic is perhaps the most common type of court flooring. These tiles are made with polypropylene, and it is useful for both outdoor and indoor applications. 

This flooring type is extremely resistant to impact and chemicals. Furthermore, it preserves its color even after being exposed to harsh conditions, like heavy rain or heat waves. The hardness of the material provides the court flooring with excellent shock absorption, so it may contribute the players more support whenever they run, perform jump shots, or do any other actions that could have an impact on their joints.


Vinyl is another great option, although it is exclusively for indoor applications, as it is impossible for vinyl to survive for prolonged periods outside.

Like hard plastic tiles, vinyl court planks usually come with a propylene base, providing the whole flooring with more support and making it more durable and versatile. This flooring type has been designed to have improved airflow under the planks. Most of the time, vinyl is adorned with a beautiful wood-like appearance for that classic gym look.

Wood flooring

Wood flooring is a very common option for traditional indoor basketball courts. It is extremely easy to install and can be easily reinstalled in other areas. However, due to how vulnerable wood is, this type of flooring requires extra care and cannot be used in outdoor applications.

Are there thicker basketball court tiles?

Right now, the optimal thickness for basketball court tiles, regardless of the material you choose, is 1-3 cm. It may be possible for you to find different size variations as manufacturers often try to differentiate their products from the competition, but the truth is that this is the standard thickness found in most basketball court tiles to make the installation process easier for everyone.


Basketball court tiles need to have a particular thickness to be able to provide optimal results to the athletes. Such a thickness also makes the tiles more appropriate for sports applications, contributing to their shock resistance and overall durability.

Most basketball court tiles are extremely easy to install, regardless of their thickness or material. Any person can easily install a basketball court in their backyards without too much effort, as these tiles were designed to be as easy to install as possible.

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