How to Clean Dryland Hockey Tiles?

It is best to clean dryland hockey tiles frequently because they get dirty like any other flooring surface. There are numerous sources of dirt. The majority of it is merely surface-settling airborne dust. The worst thing is that it frequently appears and, if left untreated, can grow to be unattractive.

Although cleaning your dryland hockey tiles does not have to be difficult, the longer you put off the task, the more difficult it will be.

What Cleaning Products to Buy

While some people prefer to use chemical-free treatments exclusively, most use alcohol-based solutions to maintain their hockey tiles in top condition. If you belong to the first group, we advise using a moist cloth or sponge to remove the grime.

However, if you don’t mind using a chemical-based solution, there is no danger in using detergents and ammonia-free cleaners to eliminate all the filth at once.

Cleaning Methods

Using the Right Equipment

Choose a dual-sided eraser instead of a standard sponge so you may use the rough side to scrape off the dirt and the softer side to absorb the murky cleaning water, leaving the surface smooth and clean.

To keep your dryland hockey tiles in top condition and get squeaky clean floors, sinks, walls, and baseboards use a scrubbing sponge or brush if you have tough marks on the tiles.


The hockey boards may be cleaned more quickly and easily with heavy-duty cloths without sacrificing quality. You can choose any modestly sized microfiber towel to help you finish the cleaning process looking perfect. To expedite the procedure and ensure that the flooring is always spotless, you can also hire a team of cleaners. They will be able to reach every nook and cranny.

Cleaning Machines

A cleaning machine performs two essential tasks: it can wash and vacuum. Cleaning your dryland hockey tiles surface and preserving the environment accomplish two goals. Additionally, rink cleaning equipment’s washing activity will be more precise than hand washing.

Controlling the water and detergent usage will decrease waste and the possibility of any leftover water remaining on the surface, causing injuries. 

Pressure washing is undoubtedly a great choice as well. Many people have pressure washers, and they clean even the dirtiest synthetic ice surface superbly. Some pressure washer machines even include an enclosed hood with two spinning spray heads that work incredibly well to eliminate tough dirt. 

When to Clean Your Dryland Hockey Tiles

You must be asking when the ideal moment is to clean your hockey dryland flooring now that you are familiar with the fundamental technique.

The best cleaning practice is regular cleaning. However, the rink’s appearance is perhaps the best predictor of when to clean it. But most essential, you should start cleaning as soon as you see that the accumulated grime is affecting the players’ comfort and performance.

Dead patches, or built-up dirt, can plug the holes and make it challenging for players to move during games.

Not only that, but a dusty floor is the main factor in shots that slow down and ruin your favorite game.

To save time and effort during deep cleaning and avoid costly damages, you should clean your flooring before and after use.

To ensure that your dryland flooring looks exceptional, you can perform regular maintenance weekly and deep cleaning monthly.

Things to Remember When Cleaning

Before letting your family, especially your little ones, into the rink to play, ensure the surface is dry regardless of the techniques you pick. In addition, you should avoid soaking the hockey boards in chemical solutions because this can remove the already-applied chemicals and leave a residue that could get lodged in the holes. This may result in slippery and uneven surfaces that will disrupt your gameplay.

Therefore, it’s crucial always to wipe out any extra water and get a clean finish with a warm microfiber cloth. In addition, you must be careful how much pressure you apply to wipe the surface because too much pressure might destroy your hockey boards.


It may be difficult and time-consuming if you haven’t cleaned your dryland hockey tiles in a while. The decision-making process will be streamlined, and starting the cleaning will be much simpler than you expected once you obtain the best cleaning methods.

However, you need to perform cleaning once or twice a week to keep it in top condition, just like everything else. Create a routine maintenance and cleaning regimen to ensure you don’t endanger the players for the greatest results. Regarding cleansers, we advise experimenting with various components and brands to find ones that suit your needs well and improve the performance of the flooring.

Overall, consistent maintenance and knowledge of efficient methods can help you extend the life of your hockey flooring while also improving its appearance.

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