How To Clean Hockey Shooting Tiles?

It need not be challenging to clean hockey shooting tiles, but the longer you put off doing it, the harder it will be. Large hockey-tiled grounds or spaces take more effort to maintain and might call for more than just brute force. Whatever the situation, we have compiled the tried-and-true methods experts recommend to guide you on cleaning hockey shooting tiles.

Cleaners – Degreaser or Detergent?

Degreasers are substances that remove grease, oil, and other filth from surfaces. Degreasers are available in both oil-based and water-based forms and are usually used on vehicle engine components to clean the metal. If your hockey tiles have caught some grease or oil during travel or due to storage in the parking lot, degreasers can do a wonderful job by lifting the oil from the surface, which makes cleaning much simpler.

On the other hand, a detergent is a material or mixture used in washing and cleaning procedures and contains soaps and surfactants. Examples of daily detergent products include all-purpose cleaners and mixes designed for bleaching, rinsing, or soaking (pre-washing). If your hockey tiles have washable stains, are muddy, or have caught a lot of dust, detergents are an easy way to get them looking flashy and new again. To clean your hockey tiles, you will need to make a detergent solution using water and powdered detergent/capsules, or you can use a ready-made one and scrub your tiles with a brush.

Cleaning Small Hockey Tiles Surface

The traditional bucket and mop method is perhaps the most popular way to clean hockey tile surfaces that are smaller. This can loosen the dirt with a thorough damp mop. Pour plenty of water on the surface, spin around the mop, then use it once more to wipe away the filthy water. Repeat as necessary until the desired outcome is attained.

Mechanical Floor Cleaners

If you are among those who possess a mechanical floor cleaner or scrubber, then this is hands-down the easiest way to clean hockey tiles floor. The front of these gadgets has a scrubbing wheel with a hard brush. The scrubber pushes the water into the surface of the tiles as it sprays out of the device, cleaning it. The good thing is that it also re-sucks the contaminated water into the holding tank of the apparatus. Hence, you will normally have to make several turns to make it look good.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is undoubtedly the most successful way. Many hockey players and enthusiasts have pressure washers, and they do a fantastic job cleaning even the dirtiest of surfaces of hockey tiles. Some pressure washer machines even include an enclosed hood with two spinning spray heads that work incredibly well to eliminate tough dirt.

Professional Cleaning Advice

What we typically suggest is not to bother about a cleaner if you can clean the surface with merely warm water. Use a neutral (non or low-foaming) cleaner if you discover that water isn’t doing its function adequately. You don’t want to leave any foam or cleaner residue behind. This won’t harm the tiles, but they might leave behind an undesirable residue. Make sure to rinse everything off well. A stiff deck brush and some elbow grease work wonders on puck marks and sticks tape marks if you have tenacious ground-in dirt.


In conclusion, hockey shooting tiles require regular cleaning, just like any other floor surface. There are numerous sources of dirt. The majority of it is merely surface-settling airborne dust. Since most items are either light blue or white, they tend to stand out and, if neglected, can become unattractive.

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