How to Make a Roller Skating Rink ?

How to Build your Roller Skating Rink ?How much will it cost to build a roller-skating rink?

roller sakting rink project in Oman 1
Roller Skating Rink Photos. The Skating Rink project picture was provided by customer.
roller sakting rink project in Oman 1 1

Do you know how to build your roller skating rink?

You’ll look forward to the weekend; imagine that the feeling of excitement you felt while tying that roller skate. Over the past few years, roller skating rinks have again deprived the hearts of adults and children, offering everyone a safe and fun environment.

Learn how to start your portable roller skating rink and see if it is right for you. A well-located, well-run roller-skating rink can be a community center that attracts good customers and gives the owner a healthy return.

flat tiles5
12’’x12’’ interlocking plastic sports flooring tiles.
Best Wheel Grip of Any Suspended Floor
Low Maintenance
Precision Locking Eliminates Gaps
Skating rink tiles

How to Build your Roller Skating Rink?

Many make roller skates and customize them with beautiful patterns. Others are getting creative and whipping their roller skating floor tiles to dance on it. Whichever style of skating you want to improve, there are possibilities that you can build the roller-skating rink of your choice.

Indoor outdoor sports flooring

WanheSport Portable skating rink tile was designed and developed for indoor skating applications, and is the go-to flooring system for roller derby professionals, skating rinks and recreational facilities. Our patented two-level surface design gives quad, roller and inline skates the best wheel grip and skate contact in the industry. The wheels only touch the top layer for low friction during cruise and speed skating, and the wheels dig into the lower layer for cornering and acceleration movements.


How much will it cost to build a roller-skating rink?
Once you find the main location, you’ll incur some additional costs. It will cost about $35,000 to build a (1000 square meters )roller-skating rink: If the building wasn’t for the original skating rink, you’ll need to design. And create an arena. But contact us. Tell us our roller skating rink area size . Get the best price now!

indoor hockey rink tiles scaled

What is the best floor for roller skating?
Our 12”x12” interlocking plastic floor is the best skating surface due to its natural beauty, durability, unbreakable, easily install and nice-grained surface. These great properties will take you on thousands of hours of enjoyable skating.

Benefits of WanheSport Sports Flooring:
Engineered for high performance and safety.
Superior all-weather grip.
Shock-absorbing towers for added protection.
UV protection for long-lasting outdoor color performance.
Aesthetically seamless engineered design.
Low-maintenance surface – clean with broom, mop, blower, and/or hose

The roller skating rink tiles project work progress for your reference. Want to get the same sport court tiles ? Contact us now!
1feetx1feet tile
Model No WH-3048-13-48C ( 12” Solid flat interlocking tile)
Tiles color Red/green/yellow/black/grey/blue / Custom color options are
also available upon request.

To build a successful skating rink, it is important that you not only enjoy skating but are knowledgeable in every aspect of the sport. This is a very social business for anyone who enjoys living around people, especially school-age children. The location of the skating arena will determine your success.

Above Portable roller skate floor project details;
The Roller skating rink installation location: Sulatante Of Oman
Tiles material :New raw PP Thermoplastic Elastomer, UV-Resistance.
Roller skate floor Size:30.3cm(L)x30.3cm(W)x1.3cm(D)/12”(L)x12”(W)
Roller Skating rink size :46mx26m
About 13072pcs with some spare parts tiles about 13156pcs .
Roller skate rink tiles color: Grey and blue color tiles .

More details . Click here to contact us now!

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