Are You Interested In The Inline Hockey Tiles Court? All You Need To Know

Roller inline hockey is a form of ice hockey played on a smooth, hard surface. Players shoot a hard, plastic puck with hockey sticks to score goals while moving on inline skates.

Even though inline hockey looks to be nothing more than ice hockey played on inline skates, it uses inline hockey tiles for the floor instead of synthetic ice, creating crucial differences in the sport.

Difference between Ice Hockey and Inline Hockey

Roller hockey doesn’t have blue lines or defensive zones like ice hockey. This indicates that, by most game regulations, no icings or offsides may occur during gameplay. Inline hockey is primarily played at room temperature on the ground that is kept dry to safeguard the bearings in the skating wheels instead of being constructed from icy surfaces. 

Various floor coverings are employed; the best are made from inline hockey tiles that attempt to strike a compromise between the capacity of wheels to grip and the ability of the puck to glide effortlessly. 

The puck sits on tiny nylon or poly-plastic nubs to lessen friction with the rink surface. Dedicated inline hockey sites use inline hockey tiles, which provide inline hockey wheels optimal grip and give the puck a smooth, uninterrupted surface to glide on, as opposed to converted roller rinks, which may have used wooden flooring. 

The playing surface should be completely enclosed by boards the same way as ice hockey surfaces, complete with glass or fencing that rises to a height of about 2 meters.

Everything You Need to Know About Inline Hockey Tiles

Inline hockey tiles establish a secure and fluid skate contact for speedy acceleration and improved agility. The inline hockey tiles surface design provides the perfect surface for inline puck glide. The puck does not rise or wobble because the surface holes diffuse air pressure below it.

Your skates make extremely light contact with the upper layer of the surface while cruising. However, your skates sink into the lower surface for improved cornering and stopping for more traction. 

A Guide to Your Own Inline Hockey Tiles Court

With wonderfully smooth interlocking indoor floor tiles constructed of incredibly robust, shock-resistant hard plastic ready for the most intense confrontations, you can construct a championship-caliber court in minutes.

Highly durable inline hockey tiles made from high-quality polypropylene plastic elevate your game by providing a surface that can withstand repeated chemical cleaning and punishing doubleheaders.

Interlocking inline hockey tiles provide a scuff, mold, and stain-resistant surface that effortlessly snaps together, so they are never in the way of dekes, dangles, or dance movements. They are made for minimal maintenance and personalization.

The resilient material makes inline hockey, roller rinks, and skate parks more resilient indoors and outdoors, but the endless expandability that comes with inline hockey tiles allows you to adjust the size and boundary lines to suit your demands.

Here’s Why Inline Hockey Tiles are an All Rounder

The best part is that when you have a surface designed for inline hockey using high-quality inline hockey tiles, you can enjoy inline hockey all year round. The tiles used for inline hockey are smoother and create a seamless playing surface. 

The icing on the cake is that inline hockey tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and are convenient to maintain and install. They can be positioned within a room of your home, in a garage, on a driveway, on top of a building, or in a garden. Moreover, you can use inline hockey tiles for other sports, skate parks, and skate rinks.

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