Introduction of Padel Tennis

Padel tennis is a sport that combines the characteristics of tennis, squash, cricket, badminton and other sports, and is played on a fully enclosed dedicated venue. Padel tennis originated in Europe and the United States 20 years ago. It is very popular among the general public because of its fun, ornamental and fashionable features, and its simplicity and ease of learning. Tennis superstars such as Djokovic, Williams, Nadal and football superstars such as Messi and Maradona have also become frequent visitors of padel tennis. At present, this project has been widely carried out in more than 70 countries, and has rapidly expanded to the world. It has become a veritable national fashion movement.

Padel is a form of racquet sport and is a close relative of tennis. Padel is popular across the world, it is particularly popular in Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Spain and Argentina.

As a sport it is growing and the game is spreading into more and more countries across the globe year-on-year and its popularity in Spanish holiday resorts has exposed it to a lot of British visitors, making the UK one of the countries with the quickest uptake of the sport.

Popular too in the USA, it is known there as Paddle and is often thought of as a game played in exclusive country clubs by the more affluent members of society. However, more and more schools are beginning to form Paddle clubs.

As a game, it is very similar to tennis, however there are some slight differences. Played only in doubles, it is also played on an enclosed court that is significantly smaller than a tennis court and has walls that can be used during the game. However, the balls used are almost identical (although with slightly less pressure) and the scoring system is the same.

Padel is a relatively new sport invented in Mexico in 1969 by a gentleman known as Enrique Corcuera when he modified a plot of his land and paced walls all around it and began playing a form of tennis on it with a friend Mr Corcuera from Spain.

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