Can You Mop Outdoor Basketball Court?

Is it okay to mop outdoor basketball court? What is the right way to clean them? This article is for you if you are having trouble choosing the best option to keep your basketball court clean.

Generally speaking, you do not need to mop an outdoor basketball court. All you need to clean an outdoor basketball court when necessary is an air blower to remove all the accumulated dust, or perhaps use a water broom on it if the surface of the contamination is too much. You can hose debris off with water, when necessary too. It is recommended to clean your outdoor basketball court at least once per week.

Outdoor basketball courts are mainly made of hard plastic, meaning that they can endure the harsh conditions of the environment, including heat, and rain, among many other options. However, when it comes to cleaning them, there are a few things that most owners need to take into account to prevent the surface from becoming damaged and unsuitable for sports use.

Here we have a few tips you may find useful on how to clean an outdoor basketball court and maintain it in an optimal condition at all times.

How to clean an outdoor basketball court?

You do not need to mop an outdoor basketball court. In fact, outdoor basketball courts are not that complicated to maintain. While a mop and a bucket can help you get rid of most debris found on the surface of the court.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a water broom as it makes it easier to remove anything that may have gotten stuck on the surface without necessarily scrubbing too hard. It is also recommended to use an automatic scrubber, as it can make the job even easier and may also make it possible for you to finish in less than 30 minutes.

In addition, you do not have to think too hard when choosing the right floor cleaning for your basketball court. Again, outdoor basketball courts are quite resistant. As long as you are not using any abrasive cleaner that can get through plastic, everything should be okay. You can use a PH-neutral cleaner if you are unsure of what to use.

Cleaning an outdoor basketball court is not complicated, but it should be done regularly to make sure you can enjoy a good surface while you are playing your favorite sport, either alone or with your peers.

Why should you clean your outdoor basketball court often?

For obvious reasons, outdoor basketball courts are more prone to getting dirty than indoor basketball courts. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you can enjoy its surface at all times without problems, you should clean it thoroughly now and then.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy while using a clean outdoor basketball court:

  • The court will be safer. You will not have the risk of slipping whenever you run or jump in any zone of it.
  • It will maintain its good looks for a long time.
  • It can help you and your peers perform better, as the surface properties will be well-preserved.
  • The paint used for coating and lining the court will maintain its effectiveness and durability, allowing you to keep your court looking as good as new.

You do not have to clean your court all the time. You can do so once per week or so, depending on how much use you give it and the debris accumulated. 

Final Words

If you want to mop your basketball court, you can try and see whether it helps you clean it. However, in most cases, this is not necessary and may actually make the cleaning process way too demanding. In most cases, a water hose, air blower, or even a water broom are the tools you may need to remove all the debris the surface may have accumulated, depending on the case.

So, mopping a basketball court is not necessary as the surface may not make it possible to get through it due to its hardness and texture.

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