How Big Is The Size of Basketball Court Tile?

Basketball court tiles come in different sizes and materials. These tiles were designed to provide the whole court with enough shock resistance and ball bounce for the players to have a smooth performance during practice or official matches.

The basketball court tile size is typically the same among all manufacturers, although there could be slight differences from one company to another. Typically, the size of basketball court tile is around 25-32 cm.

Court flooring tiles have been made from fade-proof plastic. Other materials, like vinyl or hardwood, may come in planks instead of tiles. While these three materials provide similar characteristics to the basketball court tile, only hard plastic is appropriate for outdoor applications. Vinyl and hardwood can only be used in indoor spaces.

How should basketball court tiles be?

Basketball court tiles must be easy to install and, of course, extremely resistant. This flooring type should provide the players with enough shock absorbency so they can perform demanding movements without struggling.

In addition, court tiles are typically quick and easy to install. You can easily fit them together with a “snap,” as they have certain features that allow you to install them in a few seconds, one after the other. You will be able to choose between different colors, allowing you to customize your court to a certain degree.

Basketball court tiles are made of hard plastic. Since it can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, this plastic has been manufactured to be slip-resistance, fade-proof and durable. These tiles are also designed to possess optimal water draining to prevent slipping and other accidents from happening in outdoor applications. 

Polypropylene is an extremely resistant plastic. It is capable of surviving harsh conditions without losing its properties or color. Thus, it will look as good as new as long as you continue providing regular maintenance to it.

Another good reason why people choose hard plastic basketball tiles is that they are extremely easy to clean. All you need is a hose or a leaf blower to shake off the debris and resume play as soon as possible.

Are all basketball court tiles the same size?

Yes. Generally speaking, most basketball court tiles possess the same size: around 25-32cm with a thickness of 1-2cm, too. The primary differences between manufacturers include special characteristics for the plastic, like UV resistance, mold and mildew resistance, or even built-in expansion joints.

Typically, manufacturers have “standard” and “premium” options that you can choose depending on your budget or how durable you’d like your basketball court tiles to be. Since there are tons of basketball court tiles manufacturers in the market, it is practically impossible to tell all the unique features that they decide to include in their products.

Multi-surface sport tiles 

Although basketball court tiles were designed to be specifically used in basketball courts, it may also be possible for you to find multi-surface sports tiles. Both multi-surface sports tiles and those tiles designed specifically for basketball can be aesthetically made with a pain kit for it to be suitable for a specific sport (or multiple ones, really).

Still, the size difference between regular basketball tiles and multi-surface sports tiles can be similar. They’re practically the same product but with added versatility to be suitable for multiple sports.

Multi-surface sports tiles are easy to install like regular basketball court tiles, as they are easily “connected” to each other to create a uniform and stable surface where athletes can run, jump and bounce the ball smoothly throughout the duration of the game.


Basketball court flooring is essential if you want to make sure that each athlete can have an optimal performance while playing. Generally speaking, the main difference is the material, as it depends on whether you are looking forward to building an outdoor or indoor basketball court.

Either way, the typical size of basketball court tiles is around 25-32cm. Some manufacturers may have smaller or bigger tiles to provide some “differentiation” from their competitors, but you can be sure that almost all tiles will have the same size to make them easier to install.

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