How Many Square Feet Is A Half Basketball Court?

A backyard basketball court can bring several positive aspects to your life. You will have an area where you will be able to have physical activity during the night or day, or perhaps a space where you can play along with your loved ones.

Still, have you ever wondered how big a basketball court is? Many people play this sport, but these technical details are unknown to most of them.

Basketball courts need to have a particular size so both teams can play comfortably. However, there might be cases where half basketball courts are needed instead of a whole basketball court area, which changes a great part of the typical setting.

This article is for you if you are unfamiliar with basketball half-court square feet. We will explore the different sizes of half basketball courts and their applications.

Half basketball courts – Sizes & Applications 

Basketball courts have the same size, no matter where you are in the world. Typically, a whole basketball court has the following dimensions, 91.86 ft. long and 49.21 ft. wide. The playing area is around 4520.43 square feet. If the application requires run-offs and sidelines, then the playing area size increases to 7290.5 square feet.

When it comes to half a court, it will typically be around 47 feet by 50 feet. These are the overall dimensions for college or professional basketball courts. For international courts, the measurements are 52 feet by 31 feet.

Half basketball courts include the following items:

  • A single hoop
  • Free throw line
  • Three-point arc 

Half-size basketball courts for a backyard are typically smaller. The usual dimensions are around 42 feet long by 37 feet wide. As for high school applications, they can be relatively bigger, as they cover a 50 feet long by 42 feet wide area.

What is the right size for a backyard basketball court?

Basketball courts can vary in size. Typically, manufacturers will sell tiles with the optimal size, but it is also recommendable to have an overall idea of the right measurements to know how much space you will have and how much work you will have to complete.

Typically, a backyard basketball court can measure anywhere between 18 feet by 18 feet and 56 feet by 104 feet. However, if you know one or two things about measuring, you can personalize this site and make a traditional basketball court with any shape and measure. After all, building a backyard basketball court always has some level of personalization.

What is the average cost to build an outdoor basketball court?

Basketball courts are investments whose prices will vary depending on several factors. Hence, if building an outdoor basketball court is within your plans, the size is not the only thing you should take into account. It is also important to evaluate the cost of the area and see whether it is viable for your budget so you can consider different options based on your current situation.

So, generally speaking, the average cost depends on the size, the manufacturer, and several other factors. Of course, full-size courts are more expensive to build. On the other hand, half-size courts are fairly less costly, but it is still an expense that is recommended to plan thoroughly.

There are other half-size courts that you can consider. For instance, a half-size high school court measures 42 feet by 50 feet. A Junior High court is even more affordable but smaller in size, as it measures 37 feet by 42 feet.

Last but not least, you can also consider building a 3-on-3 court. This option is the least expensive, as this half-size court type measures 30 feet by 30 feet.

Of course, there will be other things to add to the costs to make sure that the outdoor basketball court you want to build is optimal for use. You can also consider building a custom-size basketball court at home.

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