10 Types of Sports Courts: Outdoor and Indoor Options for Every Athlete

Sports courts are an integral part of active lifestyles, allowing athletes and recreational players to practice their skills and enjoy a competitive game. Various sports courts are available to accommodate any sport, whether an outdoor or indoor venue.

This article will provide an overview of the ten types of sports courts, from basketball courts to volleyball nets to soccer pitches, so that you can find the perfect venue for your sporting needs.

Multi-purpose Courts

Multi-purpose courts are a popular option for those looking to use their space for several sports. These courts can be used for basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, and badminton.

The court will typically feature four sides with different measurements for each sport to provide users with an ideal playing field.

Many multi-purpose courts are also equipped with light fixtures, nets, and other accessories to support a variety of sports.

Basketball Courts

One of the most popular sports courts, basketball courts come in two varieties—indoor and outdoor—and are typically composed of a smooth hardwood surface or asphalt pad for easy ball control and traction.

Outdoor courts may also feature an acrylic or concrete playing surface, which is specifically designed to withstand the elements and provide a safe environment for players.

Basketball courts are marked in various rectangles for full-court play, half-court play, and three-on-three games. Nets may be attached to either end of the court to complete the setup.

Volleyball Courts 

A volleyball court is typically composed of sand or grass for outdoor venues and carpeted surfaces for indoor arenas.

The size and shape of a volleyball court vary with different types of play; beach volleyball courts measure 16m x 8m, while those used in indoor competitions measure 18m x 9m.

Net posts are affixed at either end, along with boundary lines that separate each team’s playing area.

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts can be found both indoors and outdoors, though the latter is more prevalent due to the need for natural light.

The court is typically marked off with white lines and features a net that stretches across the center of the playing area. Indoor courts may also include additional lighting fixtures around the perimeter to reduce shadows on the playing surface.

Depending on the type of play, tennis courts may also feature painted green surfaces for clay or red surfaces for grass types of play.

Soccer Fields

Soccer fields come in various sizes depending on their purpose—smaller areas (like five-a-side) accommodate recreational games, while larger fields host professional matches and tournaments.

The surface of a soccer field is usually composed of grass, though artificial turf can also be used for indoor or all-weather play.

Goalposts are typically positioned at either end of the playing area, along with penalty boxes and halfway lines that divide the court into four equal sections.

Badminton Courts

A popular game among recreational players, badminton courts feature a flat rectangular surface with a net stretched across the center.

Both indoor and outdoor courts may have different types of surfaces—indoor venues may use wooden floors, while outdoor areas feature sand or grass as appropriate.

Line markings on either side delineate the boundaries of each team’s court and where serves should be placed.

Racquetball Courts

Racquetball courts come in both indoor and outdoor varieties, though the latter is more prevalent.

The playing surface is usually composed of a hardwood flooring system designed to withstand impact from racquets and balls alike.

A net stretches across the center of the court, separating each player’s side into two sections; boundary lines may also be painted around the perimeter as an additional safety measure.

Squash Courts

Squash courts are among the smallest sports courts available, measuring just 20 feet by 30 feet in total length.

These small-scale venues feature a glass wall running along one side that separates each player’s court, while the other three sides are made up of walls made of either brick or plasterboard.

A net runs across the center, while a white line is painted around the perimeter to designate the court boundaries.

Lighting fixtures are also placed around the playing area to provide ample illumination during play.

Pickleball Courts

This relatively new sport has quickly become popular amongst recreational players.

Pickleball courts feature a hard surface and measure just 20 feet long and 44 feet wide, with the net stretching down the middle of the playing area for singles or doubles games.

The court is divided into two equal sides by an imaginary line that runs perpendicular to its length; boundary lines may also be painted around the perimeter for added safety measures.

A pickleball court typically also includes lighting fixtures so that play can continue even at night.

Shuffleboard Courts

Shuffleboard courts are typically found in outdoor areas and measure around 22 feet long and 8 feet wide, with the playing area lined off by a pair of parallel lines that run its entire length.

A set of goals is placed at either end, while additional lines are used to divide each player’s court into two equal sections.

Shuffleboard courts are usually composed of concrete or asphalt surfaces, though wooden floors can also be used for outdoor play.

Lighting fixtures may also be installed around the court perimeter in order to allow for play at night or during inclement weather.


Sports courts come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the types of games they are designed to accommodate. Soccer fields, badminton courts, racquetball courts, squash courts, pickleball courts, and shuffleboard courts are all types of sports courts that serve a specific purpose.

No matter the type of sports court, all types should include a hard playing surface, net posts, and boundary lines to delineate each team’s space clearly. Keeping these factors in mind will ensure that everyone can safely enjoy their respective game without worrying about disrupting other players or people in the vicinity.

With so many types of courts available, there is surely one that suits your needs! So get out there and enjoy some sports!

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