What Are the Best Interlocking Tennis Court Tiles?


Interlocking tennis court tiles need plenty of versatility to match the planned use case for the area. The best options will provide excellent traction for either outdoor or indoor sports. Some of the top products include:

Tennis Court Tile: WH-250-12-46C(outdoor classic sport court tile)

Outdoor Court Tile: WH-303-15-48C (12” interlocking tile)

A flat surface works nicely for a successful installation of interlocking tennis court tiles. Go atop a cement, asphalt pad, or courtyard to yield a softer flooring for playing games or practicing. With a perforated surface in the tiles, rainwater drains through, allowing for a temporary installation over dirt or grass.

What Perforated Tiling Delivers the Top Results for Playing Tennis?

For an outdoor tile specifically designed to work for tennis, the  WH-250-12-46C is one of the highest quality products available.

The polypropylene plastic surface provides a good grip for players who need to make quick movements while playing tennis. Players will not slip on this perforated sports surface, and it has just the right texture for the proper ball spin. When players need to push off to generate extra power on a server or on a key shot down the line, this material delivers.


High quality interlocking plastic sport court tiles for tennis court and basketball court
High quality interlocking plastic sport court tiles for tennis court and basketball court

This model works perfectly for an outdoor installation, as it has perforations that run through the entire thickness of the material. After a rainstorm, this allows water to run through and drain away, rather than remaining on top of the tile material, creating a slipping hazard.

Installation of these athletic tiles takes very little time, using tabs and loops to interlock adjacent tiles. They measure only 25 by 25 cm, which makes them easy to carry and maneuver into place.

To disassemble the court tiles, just pop them apart. They are extremely durable and will provide the same level of performance after a couple of years of playing on them that they did when they were new.

As a final advantage of these made-in-America interlocking tennis court tiles, the model is available for sale in more than a dozen colors, including:

  • Navy Blue
  • Ice Blue
  • Bright Green
  • Orange
  • Bright Red
  • Yellow

What Other Plastic Tiles Have Perforations for Backyard Sports Courts?

Another high-quality type of tile for tennis is the WH-303-15-48C. Like the 46C, it has perforations all the way through the 1/2 inch polypropylene plastic, ensuring that rainwater drains away after a storm. Changes in temperature will not affect this material by causing unwanted expansion or contraction.

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These perforations have extra material inside each hole, creating strength in the tile. Although the interlocking tennis court tiles are ideal for playing tennis, they’ll work nicely for multiple other sports too, such as inline hockey or volleyball.

These tiles contain a leaf spring flex joint system, which reduces the stress on the lower body joints of the athletes. Additionally, should there be minor undulations in the area of the layout, the slight flex in these tiles will conform to the area perfectly.

It works nicely over any flat surface when seeking to install a sports court for tennis or other activities. The PP plastic yields a good shoe grip for athletes, allowing them to make quick moves.

Secure interlocked tabs and loops on the edges to ensure that the tiles will not pull apart when placed under the stress of athletes using them. PP plastic has just the right level of cushioning for comfort while playing.

What Are the Best Wood Look Interlocking Tennis Court Tiles?

For indoor tennis, a vinyl tile with a faux wood grain surface layer represents the ideal type of interlocking court tiles, while also creating a safe space for other sports like volleyball and basketball. The Basketball Court Tile Pro fulfills this use case perfectly. The vinyl top layer looks like planks of wood, creating a surface that resembles an expensive hardwood floor.

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These work for creating indoor athletic spaces. Use these in a school, a rec center, a church, or even a barn to transform a rough subfloor into a usable space for practices and games. As long as the subfloor is flat and firm, the installation will go smoothly.

Some customers choose to install these tiles atop a thin rubber underlayment layer to give the cushioning desired to help athletes protect their lower body joints.

For more on this topic please review our Sports Tile and Flooring product page.

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