Why 18 x 18 Hockey Floor Tiles Are So Popular? All The Reasons You Should Know

If you have been reading up and researching the 18 x 18 hockey floor tiles, at one point or another, you must have asked yourself this question: “okay but which size of tiles is the best?” Well, Goldilocks liked the moderately sized bed best.

Bigger hockey floor tiles are more difficult than the smaller panels in shipping and receiving, and small ones have other issues. These issues explain why 18″ by 18″ is the most popular hockey floor tiles size. 

Tile Sizes Available In the Market 

It is possible to find hockey floor tiles in a variety of sizes. The typical dimensions of hockey floor tiles are 12 by 12 inches, 13 by 13 inches, and 18 by 18 inches. However, many other businesses sell panels that are only 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet in size! 

The Downside of Smaller Tiles

You are rightfully wondering why businesses sell items in such absurdly little sizes. The basic answer is that these tiles are excellent for shipping because they lower the company’s shipping costs. Larger tiles necessitate larger boxes and packaging for transportation, which increases the company’s costs for packaging and shipping. Therefore, the corporation will benefit more if the tile is smaller.

However, the customers receive no benefit from these advantages. Because hockey fans who are passionate about the sport and buy their floor tiles only for that reason are the ones who typically acquire hockey floor tiles, therefore, putting larger hockey floor tile panels than 1.5″ by 1.5″ ones or even the 12″ by 12″ or 13″ by 13″ ones will give you the most realistic ice skating experience.

Here’s why 18″ by 18″ is the best size

The 18″ by 18″ hockey floor tiles are the most popular ones on the market. This is because they are a perfect size, allowing for the ideal number of seams—neither too big nor too little. We have stated the common sizes (12″ by 12″, 13″ by 13″, and 4″ by 8″) available, as well as everything more and less than the 18″ x 18″ tiles. However, where smaller panels are lighter, the panels bigger than the 18″ x 18″ tiles are too heavy. 

Lesser Seams 

Smaller sizes result in too many seams. With the 18″ x 18″ tiles, for instance, a 4′ x 8′ panel would have about 11 seams from the smaller tiles inside of a single seamless 18″ by 18″ panel.

The chances of something going wrong in a hockey rink are much higher due to these seams. The seams may sag, cause cracks, or collect dust and other particles. You risk catching the edge of your skate on the lip if a seam rises even slightly due to variations in the floor’s surface or expansion brought on by temperature fluctuations.

Easy Installation

It takes much less time to install hockey tile flooring when fewer panels need to be connected. Although these larger panels won’t be as portable as the smaller ones, joining two 18″ by 18″ tiles is equivalent to linking up to almost 16 smaller panels of various sizes. Therefore, fewer connections equal fewer chances for error or breakage and are less time-consuming to set up.

Best Value

Hockey floor tiles 18″ by 18″ are also well-liked since they offer the finest value. As we mentioned, most competitive brands that provide smaller panels to enhance shipping and the consumer’s mobility. Although these are not negative reasons, the effort to reduce administrative expenses and adhere to numerous shipping regulations results in consumers receiving even fewer tiles, for their money.

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