Best Roller Hockey Floor Tiles for Your Mid-Summer Icy Adventures

Roller hockey is a type of fast-paced hockey that is played on tougher surfaces. It can be played by two teams, both inside and outside. We understand the craze for the game, but we also understand that it is merely fun if the flooring isn’t great. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at the best roller hockey floor tiles to ensure you have a blast!

5 Best Roller Hockey Floor Tiles in 2022

Revolution Dryland Flooring Tiles – Best Overall

The Revolution dryland flooring tiles are simple to install on any level surface. They offer an excellent puck glide and are incredibly robust. Additionally, you can use these tiles in conjunction with additional hockey revolution products.

The fact that these roller hockey floor tiles are lightweight and portable is their best feature.

Revolution dryland flooring tiles are an investment that will pay off in the long run.

The 13 by 13-inch Hockey Revolution dry ground training tiles can be put together on any flat surface inside or outside your home. The colorful tiles are strong and portable, making them perfect for pairing with various training tools. The Hockey Revolution Tiles are UV-protected and made to withstand all types of weather.

The tiles are simple to assemble and may be used for vision, passing, stickhandling, reaction time, shooting, coordination, and one-timers at any time. Many professional hockey players and coaches devised and tested the high-quality ice-like substance. The tiles are perfect for use with roller blades since they protect the surface you have arranged the roller hockey floor tiles on and your sticks.

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Modular Hockey Flooring Tiles – Most Durable 

Modular Street Hockey Flooring Tiles are the most durable USA-manufactured roller hockey flooring tiles. These roller hockey floor tiles are made of the best and most resilient Polypropylene copolymer, which elongates the lifespan of the tiles. They are as easy to install as ABC, so you can take them anywhere, place them together, and start practicing hockey. 

Players can choose the hockey tiles that best suit their play needs with two package options, 12 or 25 for the modular hockey shooting tiles. They are available in six different colors black, white, beige, grey, silver, and dark grey. Their thickness is 1/2″, and their size is 12″x12″.

Sniper’s Edge Hockey Slick Flooring Tiles – Best for Varying Terrain 

The roller hockey floor tiles by Sniper’s Edge are CCM-powered and may be assembled anywhere at home or even outdoors wherever you wish as long as there is a level surface, making them ideal for people with hectic schedules and restricted access to ice rinks. They come in 12”x12” and can be spread out in any shape necessary for the training area because they are extremely lightweight, flexible, and easy to arrange. 

The Sniper’s Edge Hockey Tiles are made to assist you in developing your off-ice training and stick abilities, including shooting, decking, and passing. These hockey-specific tiles are extremely durable and can be used just about anywhere. They work best with other training tools and may be utilized on most landscapes and in various weather conditions. A 20-square-foot surface can be constructed with just one pack of these roller hockey floor tiles.

Sweet Hands Slick Hockey Flooring Tiles – Best Portable Hockey Flooring Tiles

Looking for something portable? These tiles are the easiest to carry around, thanks to their small weight. There are 20 pieces total in the package, which covers an area of around 48″ by 60″. Sweet Hands Slick Hockey Flooring Tiles are made from a unique UV-resistant substance. 

They can surpass the heavyweight capacity without becoming damaged. You can arrange them to achieve your hockey objectives on any flat area. These floor mats are only available right now in white. You can utilize them for demanding jobs, and they are incredibly sleek, so you will surely enjoy their stylish look!

HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles – Best Realistic-Looking Tiles 

Dryland Flooring Tiles by HockeyShot is great for players who don’t have much access to icy surfaces. Using these tiles at home, you may construct a realistic ice-like surface to hone your skills. These synthetic tiles have 18 by 18 inches dimensions, a thickness of 7/16 inches, and an assembly mechanism that uses symmetrical clips.

The lightweight, flexible tiles are easy to build in minutes and may be used inside and outside the home. They include edge pieces that make it considerably simpler to load balls and pucks. Since the tiles are available separately, you can create a surface that is either little or large as you like. They’re strong, durable, weather-resistant, and can take the weight of an automobile. These roller hockey floor tiles can quickly turn any space into a hockey training zone for players of all ages and skill levels.

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